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Thursday, February 3, 2011

just some thoughts, about the classes,we can all learn something new

folks, when i was at the last class, we have one day to go yet,, i asked how the folks liked it ,, they said it was relaxing,, wow ,,, really what more could you ask,, i kinda new at teaching this way and i am not afraid to admit it,, its an honest statement,, i really only did a limited amount of teaching in a group setting,more one on one, and i was ok just to continue the videos on line and making dvds,, but really interacting with folks have been great,, now there is a lot of work to set up a class and to make sure, everything is there that you need,, but its a learning time for me too, i wanted to make it affordable , and that folks could walk away with more then the finished piece, hopefully it a new hobby that they will love, and enjoy for a long time to come,, its a super hobby,, now i know its not for everyone, but one doesnt know unless they try it,,like last year , the shows were a learning experience for me and this year will be much easier to know what to do and what to bring, same with teaching, i am learning all kinds of new things too, how to set up, what things to brings how to teach in a way they will understand,, and new ideas,, from my students as well,, we are always learning, no matter what it is that we are doing in life, this is another chapter in my learning so we can all learn something new , happy carving, arleen

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