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Thursday, June 27, 2013

a disappointing night

hi everyone,, well the work around my home and farm never stop,,,,  today we had about the worse rain storm i can ever remember,,, my home basement was flooded,,  which in almost 30 years i never had happen,, my driveway was washed out,, there is a rut of about 1 foot wide and about 1 and 1/2 foot deep ,,  the farm  well in the past five years nothing in the barns at all, the feed room had water in it,,  coming from a faulty rain gutter about the back door,,  along with a washed out driveway on my parents side,,,,  now i just got 25 ton of stone now i will get at least another 50 ton to fix both driveways and to build up the front,, i might put heave plastic about half way to keep it from washing out again,, and also at my home,, i got a plan,,, hmmm i dont think i do much in the way of carving,,  i will be busy fixing and cleaning up,,, never a dull day,,,

ok second update,,   well , things are looking up,, i went back to the house ready to use the shop vac to soak up the water,, most of it was gone,, where i have no idea,, but i put out one fan and will add a couple more and let it dry for a few days, and then start to chuck out the damp stuff, so its a plan,,,, and also to fix the main problem run off from the road and gutters, well i will order a load of stone,, 2a stone,, and few old tarps, and i will layer it,, stone tarp stone trap,, and that way it will not wash it out again,, well i hope it doesn't  i have some sand bags that worked well but a bit expensive, so this idea is about the same,,    the farm feedroom the pump i had in place worked fine, its empty and now it has to dry out,, nothing much lost there,,  and same thing here, i need to redo the top of the driveway with layers of tarp and stone,,  and maybe pour some hand mixed concrete, on top,,  it should hold,, but water is powerful,,  i can only try these idea,, and see    i know what i have to do to repair the gutters,,  out with the ladders tomorrow,, up up and away i go,,

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