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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

plowing>>>> learn a few things

hi folks as some of you know we had a snowstorm last night,, and i knew i had to get ready, for the plowing that was going to be waiting for me the next morning,, we got about 6 inches of the fluffy white stuff,, i love snow,, but plowing was something i had to learn,, my dad did it for many years,, and his 4x4 john deer front end loader was his baby,, he had an old international harvester, that the steering was so difficult then about 15 years ago he got this one, he used it so much around the farm,
funny he never wanted anyone on the tractor,, and he was so good with the front end loader,, he knew just how to handle it just like it was an extension of his hand,, he dug out dirt piles, crap piles and he knew just how to handle it,, i wanted him to teach me how to drive it , but as time went on, slowly he allowed me to drive it around, but my skills of that front end loader , was not good,, but as years went by my father can no longer drive it , and i had to take over the plowing and many of the farm chores, he is fine with me running the tractor, and tells me its up to me who is allowed to use it which means he trusts me to take care of it,,, ,, but i had to learn the tractor, so one day a few years ago, i asked him to meet me outside and show me how to work it,, and the rest was history,,
this year, i think i felt the most comfortable on the tractor,, i know how to work both the front end loader, and how to hook up the grader and the bush hog ( mower ) , and how to plow the right way,, i didnt learn this over night, but the more i used the tractor and plowed and mowed the better i got at it,, its like anything else practice makes perfect, i guess carving is the same,, if you keep at it , or better yet have someone help you along with it , you will be good at it,,
i would never learn how to plow, mow, how to work the three point hitch if i didnt do it,,, i could read all the books on it but until i got into the seat and just started that tractor up and ran it , then i learned it,,
i was kinda force to learn how to operate the john deer,, i was happy that dad enjoy the tractor, cause then i didnt have to do it,, but now i am beginning to enjoy it,,
and today i have to say ,, i did a good job plowing, with my dads john deer
so keep at it,, and remember the more you carve the more you will enjoy it,,
happy carving

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