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Friday, January 7, 2011

eating crow :) i did today dont assume anything lol

no i dont mean i ate the bird, its that i had to admit i was wrong,, its one of the hardest things to do,, today i have a cell phone as most of you do ,and my home phone that normally only get calls that annoy me,, one solicitation calls annoy me the most,, when the phone rang, the first time, i pick it up and i heard someone say hello this is so and soo, i hung up,, i was in the middle of a huge mess in my kitchen, tearing apart stuff and getting tired,, then they called again, i pick up the phone and hung it back up again, it rang again, and two more times, i finally had enough,, pick up the phone and said,, stop calling, me,, and i wasnt nice about it,, i was angry,, then it dawned on me,,, when i was at the bank ,, i did ask them to call me about a program i was interested in,, so i did a reverse call,, and indeed it was him,, i looked in my wallet and the phone number matched,, thinking ohhh crap,, so then on my cell came another call its was the same poor guy i just yelled at to stop calling me,, you have the give the guy credit, he continued to call, ( the mark of a real salesman ) lol , so i called him back, and said, i was very sorry thought he was an annoying solicitation call, and he was as nice as could be,, we chatted for a while, and to add to my to my humiliation he said he live very close to me a couple of streets down the road, lol , told him to send the information,, so the moral of the story dont assume anything,, sometimes we have to eat crow , and get all the facts first,, happy carving everyone,

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