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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


hi folks, tonight there was a happy ending,, at the farm we have a bunch of cats,, but one we favor named holstein,( he is black and white) was missing,, we enjoyed seeing him every night on the back porch and we let him in for a few hours and return him outside with the others,, they have a nice place to sleep and these cats were strays , so we feed them, and in turn they catch a few mice for us, but holstein was missing before the storm yesterday,, so my mom was very upset that he was not there in the morning, so i looked for him around the farm,, nothing,, so today as i was checking the heaters in the barn,, i thought i call one more time,, kitty kitty,, and lo and behold i heard a meow from part of a wall, ,,,, was in part of the farm building that i was not able to get to,, but i got the drill and a scroll saw, and cut a hole in part of the wall, and there he was,,, i bit thinner, but hungry ,,,, i carried him to the house fed him, and went back to repair the wall,, so a scroll saw does come in handy at times, we were so glad to see him back,, :)
................update, our dear mr holstien was hit by a car , and he didnt make, it,,he was a very nice gentle giant,, i miss him,, we all do,,.... i guess he didnt have nine lives :(......

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