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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE NEW YEAR, ?? humor and changing times

well some of you got some humor out of my last video,, something kinda different for a change, lol thought it would just be fun and a bit off the beaten path, things never stay the same ,, something always is changing,, i dont care for change for the most part ,, my house would be a different color, if i didnt like it but after 22 years i still like it,, and wouldnt change, it,, if your like my sister and some of my friends they would have change it long ago,, lol , some folks do and some dont, that is maybe why some folks can carve the same things over and over,, and some folks have to carve something different, which are you ,, do you like change or do you like things to stay the same,, i guess if your not content, then change is a good thing for you ,, if you are content,, then the same things are just fine,, just my two cents not that one is right or one is wrong,, just that folks are different,, and if you can carve 20 items the same and enjoy it, then that is what you should do,, if you cant stand to do then one and have to change it some how, that is fine too,, i guess in carving there is no right or wrong, its whatever your heart wants to carve, and just to enjoy it,, happy carving, everyone,

1 comment:

merci2358 said...

Hi Arleen,
Thanks for making the carving glove video accessible.
- I didn't see That coming (lol). :)