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Saturday, January 15, 2011

never know who your going to meet

today at work at our local mall, ( i am a security guard) as i open up the north part of the mall, a man came up to me said he lost a hearing aid,, which cost thousands,, he said he was walking here yesterday, and thought it might be in one of the hallways,, i told him if i could have his number i would call if we found it, he handed me a card,, and i flipped it over without looking at the front, to write down the information, where he might have been in the mall,, so i said lets walk around and take a look, then i notice the front of business card he gave me , that he was a wood carver of birds,, lol well told him about the carving club in lascaster, and we walked around and didnt find the hearing aid,, we chatted for another 15 min about woodcarving , i was waiting anyway to open the rest of the mall at 945am, we said our goodbyes, he then walked up the north hallway,, he then yelled that he found it ,, i went up to him,, he said he prayed that he would find it cause of the expense to get another one ,,he said can you believe that ,, i said i sure do,, he was amazed that he found it and was very happy, it was the last part of the hallways we did not go past,, so you never know who you will meet or the little miracles that might happen in a day and beware carvers are everywhere LOL

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