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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

apple fest at joanna furnace early oct

hi folks every year i attend the apple fest here nearby , at joanna's furnace near morgantown, pa,,  it was a wet mess to start, and a two day event,,  normally its only one day,, i was not really up to it,, the amount of work to put a show like this takes days to prep for,,  this year i decided to use my big tent with sides since they were calling for more rain,,, i went out to secure a spot on friday,  it was pouring,,  and puddles everywhere,,  i choose a spot , then came back later with the tent when the rain would ease up,, they only had about half the vendors this year due to the weather,, but it turned out to be a great weekend for me,,  setting up in the dark,, i had a light 26 watt bulb that was = to 100 watts,  in a battery power pack that gave me enough light till the sun came up,,  i thought it was cool how it looked at night,,

below was my view from my table 

below i had this set up sat, where they had to walk in,, sat was kinda slow due to the possible rain that day 


below i decided to change things up a bit,, and found that opening the sides and puting the tables around the outside for the tent so folks could walk around was much better in sales, about 3 times more in sales that day,,  i notice later that the table clothes were not even,, lol,, folks do not want to enter a tent as the one above,,  the one below was a much better settup,, plus i had a place to carve,, that folks could easily see,
 i sold about 1/4 of my inventory,, it was a great weekend,,,  as you can see there were not many vendors, otherwise i would have had folks around me,,,  lol  later i did have someone next to me later in the weekend ,

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