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Monday, December 30, 2013

saying goodbye to 2013 overview

hi folks as i say goodbye to 2013 it was a good carving year,, we did a lot of new projects that folks seem to really enjoy,, i did alot of carving this year then any other getting ready for christmas, and filling orders, not as many classes, did a bunch of projects on youtube, which i enjoy doing,   maybe not as many as the year before, but i was happy with the new creations this year ,, so overall it was a good carving year

some ways it was a tougher year for me,,  one big difference was the overhaul in the usa healthcare system,  folks i had my own insurance since i been 18 and the first time in my life i was going to lose it along with millions of other that had their plans dropped,,  i thought i didnt have to worry about obamacare,  and really paid very little attention to it,,   until i got the letter in sept,,,  my heart sank,,  but an education in obamacare  there was a lot to learn,,  from sept to dec 19 i finally got some insurance at the market exchange,, dealing with a down gov site, was frustrating ,, but over all i now have a plan,,  now i will have to see how it will work,, like millions of folks in the usa i wanted to keep the plan i had,,,  so things  are ever changing ... we will see how it will work,, i was a plan that  i could tell keep the doctor i had,, i  first just ck with the plan  i wanted to see if my doctor took that plan or not, which he did,, so time will tell,,, we all know something had to change in our healthcare system,,
it was instilled in me when i was 18 and farming i had to have my own plan,,  it was not an option not to have it,,,, self employment  your force to get something,, i dont understand the folks that say well i have to pay but get nothing in return,, ,, well that is what insurance is about hoping you never need it,,  weather its your car, house insurance,, ,,,, i know this  system is not perfect,, neither was the other system we had...so time will tell,  some things will have to be worked out,, like any new project it will have lots of bumps in the road,,,,  i sure when social security or medicare started it was not without  problems,,  and today i do not hear older folks wanting to get rid of either of them today,,  sure it was not popular back when it started,,,   i have to say i want less government too,  not more of it,, but things are the way they are,,  so 2014 will be an intersting year for sure
goodbye 2013

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