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Thursday, April 24, 2014

sorry no gnome on youtube

hi folks, this past week i posted a photo of a gnome i had carved,, and below is the reason i removed it from facebook,,   have a great week , arleen

posted on facebook
hi folks,,  as i was attempting to make another sitting project this week of a santa, it ended up missing the tassel,, lol and thought i will make my first gnome,, today i regret it,, i decided to remove the photo ,,,,   why,, well as many of you know i am a person of faith,, as soon as i finished it i didn't feel right about it,, after some prayerful time, and chatting with another christian friend about it,, i came to the conclusion that i cant make a video of it,,  after some study about the history of gnomes, i know now why i and that uneasy feeling about it,,  i realize that many of you have no problem carving and creating these, that is fine ,   my faith is a personal journey not anyone elses, and so are my personal convictions,,

 and i got more likes on this picture of the gnome then of anything i ever carved,,  which baffled me,, thinking this might be a great to carve to sell as well,,  but the uneasy feeling never left me ,,,  but many of you like gnomes,  and i am sure there are other sites that can teach you how to make them,, i am sorry that i will not be able to do it ,i always will follow what feel the lord leads me to do,,  and this is one of those times,,  i know many of you will not understand this, some will ,,  we all come from different backgrounds, faiths, and customs, and i am happy that you choose to be a part of my carving world and thanks for your support ,,,, at the end of the day it really comes down to one thing,, did i live me life to what my faith teaches,,  and did i honor him,,  and tonight as i sign off ,, yes i am honoring the one that saved me ... keep carving ,, arleen


SID WIRE said...

I honor your decision and respect you for it. You also show great courage. Charles Bender (cbender@wt.net)

Atlanta Tiger said...

May God bless you for sticking to your principles. We need more of that in America today.

Atlanta Tiger said...

May God bless you for sticking to your principles. We need more of that in America today.