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Saturday, June 23, 2012

we live in an interesting place? and taking it for granted ?

hi folks,  as i was thinking about our area, with philly and reading , harrisburg and of course lancaster ,,  i had to think we do live in an interesting area,,  folks come from miles around to see the amish in lancaster, philly for the history of our country and out to harrisburg for yet more history ,  reading was known well for outlet shopping before  outlets became a common name in towns across the country,,,,
often times we dont see what tourist see, or come to see,  we take things for granted,  just like my mother was once asked if they ever went to the tulip fields in holland when they grew up there , mom said no,,  never did,, and all those years it was in her back yard when they lived in holland,, i guess that is true for many that live here,, have never tour areas that are common places to go when people  come to Pennsylvania.
i just started to get into history a bit more,, thanks to the geo channel, and went to the local library to see if i could find videos on the civil and american war,, so much information about the wars i  had no idea,   not that it was not taught to us in school to some degree but just so much information that made events interesting,,  so i enjoy watching and learning more about our american history,,  as a kid i liked history but find it even more important to remember the past or at least understand it better, why events happen,,
so i going to try to visit those places that many come here just to see,  so much history right in my own back yard,, within 25 miles .
so as i look at folks coming here to pa,, there is lots to see , culture ,history,, i am glad where i live,  i believe this area has so much to offer,,  and i for one will want to see some of what made this country great,,
and this is true about anything,, we dont know what we have, and take so  much for granted,  this can be true about carving too,,  if you belong to a club or able to find one near you ,, your very lucky, many would love to be able to share ideas with other carvers, but cant find a club to belong to near them,, today we have the internet that all information is just a few clicks away,,  you can look up anything and find something in print about it on the net,,  and many carvers that cant find a club use this wonderful tool to learn more about carving,, so take a look around what are you taking for granted?  if you cant find anything your taking for granted, then you are taking it for granted,, happy carving folks, arleen

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