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Friday, June 15, 2012

berry picking time again, yummy,,

hi folks,, my mom has a large berry patch behind their home,,  since my mom is unable to do something she loves is to pick berries,, well i been picking them for the past couple of years for her,,  she makes the most wonderful jam,,  and gives them to many folks  along the way,, she still is able to make the jam, but not able to pick the berries,, its been her hobby for as long as i can remember,,  she carefully prunes the patch late winter( i did the pruning under her watchful eye this year) ,, and it produces rich berries,,  organic,, yes, we do not spray them with anything, so the jam is organic,,  if we have to many, we either put sugar on them fresh and eat them or,, with ice cream,,  but we also freeze them,, so she can make jam anytime ,, she often give away to friends and family at christmas,,  i really dont like to pick berries,, its a hot , and the berry bushes have little thorns on them,, along with all the bees ( which i dont like at all)  but i know how important it is to her,,  imagine,, loving to carving and not being able to do so anymore,, that is tough, when you love a hobby,, and because of aging you cant do it anymore,, so i go out to the patch every other night now for the next three weeks,, i picked 28 quarts total last year for her,,  but my dad loves to eat them too, so half will go in the freezer , and the other half on ice cream lol .....  so i off to the berry patch again tomorrow night,,   take care folks and keep carving,, arleen

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