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Sunday, June 17, 2012

some thoughts about heritage day

hi folks,,  this past weekend was fun,, i have to say sometimes when you don't plan things those times can be the best,,  not that planning is wrong but there are times when we do things  , well , just work out great without plans,,
i knew that our carving club was invited to come to this event, which they had done so for the past five years,  because i worked every sat,, i was not able to attend a lot of the events that the club was a part of in the past, so this year since intercourse pa, is only 20 miles from my home i decide last min just to go,, i had no idea really where the park was located ,, but  i worked at kitchen kettle in the decoy shop back in the 80s but i think they build this park later,,  so i drove right past it the first time,, but got there ok,,  but the night before 12am thinking i better throw some things together from the camper / studio,, cause i was told we could sell some of our carvings if we choose to,, so i put together some of my smaller finished pieces, ( knowing i was going to share the table with other club members) .    not know either how many of us would show up,,  at first there were only two of us,, and then three more members came,,  so it was good,, we had a nice time chatting together, getting to know them better too,,, and  doing carving demos for folks that wanted to know more about carving,, and it was good all around,,  even sold some things,, just the icing on the cake of a wonderful day,, so you dont know what it will be like, at one of these events the weather was great,, i didnt spend hours prepping ,and yet better then that i got to know what neat events i have right in my own back yard,,  often we travel long distances to see and go places like this,, when something all you have to do is look in your local paper ,, and its been there all along,  i will go next year again,, and hopefully some of you can come out and meet the lancaster county club members,  and take  time relaxing in  lancaster and all it has to offer,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

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