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Saturday, June 9, 2012

humble beginnings a photo of the past

hi folks, i know its been a while, i have  been really busy,, and had to cancel our one class do the the lack of people, i had to do this in the past which is fine, i know summer it is more difficult due to the fact that most folks are out and about,,, carving is mostly done by many.. over the colder seasons,, which i can sure understand,,  i will offer some of the same classes in the fall again, when folks are more geared to be home,, and back to school commitments,    well here is a photo of the 1980s  of my carvings that use to be added to the top of the tv console,,  lol now if that isnt getting old ,,,,  console,,  well anyway,, i thought you folks might enjoy seeing this,, i trying to guess that i been carving maybe a few years 4 or so,, when this was taken,, and yes i carved in front of the tv, watch or sorta watching the tv and carving,, listening i guess you could say,,  :)   but anyway,, we all started carving somehow ,,,,,, somethings i dont remember i carve so many different stuff back then, and still do,,  sad when you cant remember what you carved,,  but it brought back great memories of that time, farming was tough, and carving took me away from the worries of if all,, and  no, farming was not a worry free lifestyle,, well not in my book it was never worry free,    if i had one day without problems, i had a wonderful day,, and knew it wouldnt last long, lol ,   but enjoy the photo ... wanted to do a video on this and might ,, i still have most of it,, but its fun to look back, but even more fun to look forward to where carving will take us next,, keep carving,, arleen

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