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Sunday, June 3, 2012

35,000 more hits to go, to one million , makes my head spin

hi folks,  as i notice the other day that i have  35,000 view hits to go before i hit one million,,  wow , it does make me sit back and take notice,,,, i would have never thought that in a little over 3 years so many hits,   i know its not a viral video that one video get this but after over 1200 videos , its another milestone for me,,  it makes me wonder where it will lead,, what the next step will be,, if i can get new projects up, with over 85 different ones , one tends to think that i can not come up with something new, and then it happens, an idea,, and where do i get them,, well everywhere,, at home, at the store, at work,  just watching folks sometimes,  thinking now that might be a project,  craft  and gift stores you can come up with an idea,, and alot of the time,, you also have to think now how can i improve that, or change it to make it my own?  well i will continue to post new projects as the ideas come along,, looking forward to another 85 different projects that we can do together, still working on the two dvds, i will be sure to post them ,, and of course my special 50th dvd will be coming soon too,, in about a month,, so keep carving, thanks for watching the videos, and keep at  it folks,, looking forward to many more hours of carving together,, arleen  

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