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Sunday, May 13, 2012

a week to go,, :) and thinking of the next step?? three things i like to do

hi folks, as i continue to get the studio camper ready for my first class , i keep thinking what a wonderful studio i found,,  just being happy by the fact that i got something that will work well for everything i wanted to do,,,  i have 4 people signed up for the class ( may 21)  and looking forward to seeing the folks from my classes in the past,,  i know its been a while since i taught a class about 10 months or so,, but now there will be more,   i just finished the outside steps with a small hand rail, nothing fancy,, my mother needed it to get up the steps and thought it might be best to get it done before the class, the steps were a bit short so i put a wooden skid under them and it is just the right,  i then put a very plain railing ,, and it looks ok,, and solid,, my mom just came over to see it and it passed her inspection LOL   the tables and chairs are set inside,,  and plenty of room to move about,, for 7 people,,  i just put all the paints in here ,, and will be bringing more stuff over tomorrow,,  everything will have a place and it will free my home of some things as well,, the foyer will look bigger lol ,, i had alot of stuff stored in my foyer for the shows, which i now can put in the office,,

1)...i also had the think of the next step??  more classes to come that is for sure but also wanted to do a few different things,, first to have individual wood carving  instructions available for those that can not   come to a class or need extra help ,,, so i will plan to announce that a bit later,,

2)..... also adding more group .. classes,, i will have at least three people for a class,, if not it will be canceled,,  so i will put something together soon, and go from there , some of the classes or night classes will be geared for those that have not carve before, to give them some simple instructions, that will help them before they come to a class

3) and have an open evening or afternoon,   a set time that anyone can come for hour or for the whole time,, bring what your working on, relax and sit and carve a while,,  i know the studio will be limited but even at my carverswoodshop luncheons,, i didnt have more then ten at a time,, i will be there no matter what,, i thinking of fridays, or wed nights,, not sure,, mondays i like to have for my classes,, and seems to work out well for most,, but it will be a set time that will be posted on my blog and facebook,  so any input of times that you might thing would work better i would welcome any email on the topic,,  evening or afternoon?  which would you be willing to come to,, also i leaning for friday nights, from 6-8  or 5-8   for those of you that will be traveling in lancaster county,,
 , i  will be here friday nights for sure as christmas season comes along , and sat,,  i will have my carvings that will be up for sale during the year ,  i had a few people that expressed that they wanted to come see my carvings and if i had a workshop they could come to?  lol now i do,,  and also i never far away,, you can always call to see if i will be in my studio,, :)  484-364-0471 or email carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

so as things move forward,, individual woodcarving instructions,   more classes and times i can be open for those that would like to come carve or visit,, is the plan,,

i see nothing but good things to come,,  and very happy to finally have a place to call my shop,, take care and keep carving,, arleen

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