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Sunday, May 13, 2012

dont assume

interesting title,, we are taught in the police training, not to assume,  to get facts before you decide what to do,,, and today ,  as i was listening to yet another sermon in church ,, i began to assume that i knew were the story was headed,, i was soooo wrong,, it was completely different direction then i thought,, how many times we assume things that well are dead wrong,,  i sure have,,  why am i telling you this,, well,, sometimes we assume we know all about carving,, many of us that carve for a very long time just assume that there is only one way to do it, and there is nothing left to learn,, how wrong we are,, if you are a carver for a long time,, and feel like you cant learn anything new, well think again,, every time i go to a club meeting or a carving show, or just talking with other carvers, well there is always something new to learn, maybe a way you sharpen, or a way to get ideas for new carving projects, dont assume you learn all that your able to,, remember,, carving is a learning process, and if for some reason,,  you seem at a dead end,, well something will come along , and i light bulb will go off, saying , well i didnt know about that, or i should try it this way,,
,, i dont care how long you been carving, it can always improve, no matter what,,and it may just be  something sooooo simple that can make a difference, so dont assume , keep learning and  keep carving,, arleen

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