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Friday, May 11, 2012

making someone's day,, :) can make you smile

hi folks,, today was an interesting day,,,  strange things happen, and for a reason sometimes,,  lol   well tonight as i left my folks place at the farm i heard a cell phone ringing outside?? it creep me out a bit,, i could not see anything cause of the darkness, and i didnt have my flood light with me,, i asked if anyone was outside, no one answered...  good thing i had a carving knife in my pocket ,, yes i took it out,  and thought ok if i get to the car i will drive around the farm to see if i can find the one with the phone ringing,, now i only heard the ring once,,   i got to my car drove behind my folks place, and then around the farm and nobody there,,  well i got out of the car and started to go to the  carvers camper, a truck pulled in the driveway, to turn around ,,,  and i just stood to watch it,, its now about 12 am ,,  i then hear the phone again,,  right in front of the garage,, well i took a look and found a iphone  in the grass ringing,,   i picked it up,, it was lock i could not answer it,, so i called from my cell phone a person called MOM ,,  she was so happy that i found her sons phone,, i said i ran over the cover only  with the lawnmower earlier today, and didnt see the phone, at that time,...  she said her son just paid 500.00 for this phone an just got it working today with all the numbers,,   and they came up to come get it,,  what i neat time chatting with them,, i made their day,,  which was a wonderful feeling,, i know what it is like to lose a cell phone and the cost in replacing it,,,,i also found the cover, it was fine even going over it with the mower,, and we put the cover back over it,,,  so they were here for a while,, the story how the phone got over here in the grass is the son left the phone on the top of the car and drove off,, they live 10 miles away,, they never thought it was this far away,, my guess was that it might have been up  there a while due to the roof rack,,  i told them i was about to go into my carvers camper to work on a few things, and was able to chat about carving and classes to them,, and got to see some of my youtube carvings, here in the camper,,   so it was a good feeling to be able to help someone out,,  and they went away happy..  made me smile, and so glad that i found out that there was not a person walking around the farm,,  lol   keep carving folks,,  

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