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Monday, March 26, 2012

TODAY marks my third year on youtube march 26, 2009 and a word to beginners

hi folks, wow you never know how far you come along until you stop to look,, and today its been three years on youtube,, little did i know what this would become, after almost 1100 videos 44 dvds, with over 80 projects, it makes me tired just to think of it LOL , not only the amount of work but the people that i gotten to know as well, with facebook, and the group keeps adding new folks every week, the countless emails of new beginners and others that have followed me along the way,,, just THANK YOU , to all that gave a kind word, and encouraging me to keep going, and keep going is what i plan to do,, just take heart if you new to carving,
dont be discourage , keep at it ,, i promise if you put the time into carving you will see an improvement along the way,, just like building my youtube channel and videos etc was not done in one day, but many days,, with a steady at it approach is what you also need to learn to carve, its not just reading about it , its hands on,, and learning along the way,,
i had no idea how to put a video on youtube,, but i pressed on,, learning what i could and after about a month,, BINGO i was on my way,, it seems overwhelming to me now to look back,, and if someone said today make 1100 videos and 44 dvds in a month,, i would look at them and tell them there is NO WAY i could do it in that amount of time,,, well the same applies when you carve, you dont learn everything in one day or one class or video or book, but a steady at it approach is the only way,, and doing homework,,, lol i know no one wants to here that but true,, you will not learn it at once,, but you will see improvements every time you carve,,, so keep at it,, keep learning what you can,, and here are some simple steps for the beginner that is sooooo important to remember
just a word about what projects for a beginner,, try not to go beyond your skills,, meaning start with something simple,, it will be an encouragement to do more difficult projects,, nothing wrong with trying those projects but i find that if its to difficult for folks to do , it easy to be discourage with carving,, ok folks keep carving , keep at it,, arleen

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