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Sunday, March 11, 2012

CHURCH ? some things never change

this has nothing to do with woodcarving,, i wanted to share this just cause it made me smile and you never know how what you do will affect someone else,, the past couple of months i sat in church someone handed me a peppermint....( now some folks might take offense of this) they were eating one and gave me one the first time,, the next couple of times if i didnt sit to far away,, well i got one tossed my way! ,, i love peppermints and i always welcomed it,, it was from a couple i didnt know to well other then the fact i enjoy sitting in that area of church,, well today half way during the sermon ,, i felt something hit my arm LOL another peppermint!!! i took it out of the wrapper and ate it, :) i had to finally tell them why i enjoyed it , and what it meant to me
well as a child in the dutch christian reformed church ( crc ) every week we went to church,, and before the sermon started lo and behold the roll of KING'S PEPPERMINT, made its way down the pew,, being handed to each person , and each taking one , and the roll always return to the person that shared it,, with 3-4 left.. and we did this every week,, it must be a dutch tradition...well it is,, my mom said this was done every sunday, before the semon, as long as she can remember in holland , and she will be 80 this year, lol
well many years later , my sister still attends a crc church,( in canada) while i was there for a visist , when to church with her, and before the sermon here came the roll of kings peppermint again,, passed down the pew,, again returned again to the one that started it .. it made me smile,, some things never change :) which is a good thing
so after church i explain why i enjoy the peppermint that was tossed to me, to the folks that have been sharing them with me, they were not dutch, they just like peppermints :) , little did they know what a pleasant memory of the past they gave to me every time i got one,, keep carving,


lotsabooks said...

Hi Leeni,

What a fun peppermint post!

Yes, that tradition is still alive and well in my church, too. Like clockwork, the rolls of King (or sometimes Wilhelmina) peppermiints come out just as the sermon is about to begin. :-) We actually had a visiting minister once who paused for a minute between the Bible passage and beginning his sermon just to give time for the peppermints to be passed out before he began to preach. :-)

I usually check out your blog on Sunday afternoons to keep in touch a bit with what you're doing.
Say "Hi!" to your parents from us!

carverswoodshop said...

LOL jen that is funny,, i had a feeling you be commenting on this on LOL yes ,, some things i do miss,, its one of many dutch traditions i would love to keep,, thanks for the comment,, i will say hi to the folks, and greeting to your family to0!!!!