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Saturday, March 17, 2012

just the beginning,,some photos now and videos coming later

hi folks, the lancaster woodcarving show is in full swing,, i was able to set up on friday instead of sat, which made it much easier for me... today is now sat night as i write this ,, one more day at the show, and then its time to pack it up till next year again,, i plan to go in earlier sunday morning, and do two short interviews with two carvers,, both have their special carving art, and i look forward to it,, i am amazed how easy it is to get approval of carvers willing to be videoed, i give them the choice after they agree to be interviewed if they want to be on camera or not,, i can do it either way,, some are shy to be in a video which i can fully understand,, and if they are not comfortable .. then they may stand in the background and just explain about their carvings, it really is neat to be able to do this,, i am not a report nor a writer as you can plainly see, i just do it , and run with it,, and sometime it works out for the best,, i dont concern myself and edit things to death,, first it takes way to much time ,, which the videos already takes a great deal just to tape and put them on youtube,, so if i had to edit everything,, i would only have a faction of the videos up,, and i think carvers are very forgiving lol not one time have i had someone complain about an interview not being done right,, carvers are just happy to learn what they can from other carvers ,, thanks to all that do take the time to watch,, and hope tomorrow we will all learn a bit more about carving that we didnt know before, happy carving

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