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Sunday, March 4, 2012

did my heart good !!!

hi folks,, as i continue to make my instructional woodcarving videos on youtube,, more and more folks email me that they enjoy watching the videos,, and i want to thank those of you that did email me in the past,, i always enjoy hearing from beginners ,, cause the are sooooo exicted to learn a new hobby and be able to do it right at home , which the internet and youtube provide.
at the show in fairliess hill ( delaware valley show ) i met some of the new and season carvers that follow me on youtube... what a delight,, it really is,,, but the one that made my day was a new carver that only started a couple of months ago,, came up to my table,, and said he just finished the shepherd that he followed on youtube,, he did a wonderful job,, i was amazed that he was only carving for a short two months,, he got the details just right,, and it did my heart good to see it ..
i seem to forget how many of you watch the youtube channel,, i try to remember that new folks are eager to learn,, when at times i feel i repeat the simplest things, its may be the first time someone is hearing it,, it may be there first attempt at carving,, i am beginning to see when i have folks come up to the table to chat with me that their eagerness gives them away,, i can tell by their face as soon as they approach and they also tell me,,, lol i notice that more this past show ... but its been happening at every show i go to,,, but they are eager to tell me what they are working on, and what they like to do, and also eager to learn soooo much more, they love coming to a show,, i will see them hours later still chatting with other carvers etc ,, and i learn from them as well,, i always learn something at the shows, and from folks around me.... but beginners bring that fresh new look and excitment to the craft,, if you been carving for a long time,, do you remember when you started?,, how much fun it was to go to a show?,, seeing all the books? , tools and carvings?, and chatting with other carvers?,, it was a blast,, i remember those feelings,, and the beginners that i see at the show bring that same attitude with them, its refreshing,, often times many of us that have been in woodcarving for a long time,, see it as a dying art,, i dont,, i see it as a new wave of new beginners, and many will be a natural at it,, so its not a dying art, or craft, to many its a new wonderful world open up to them,, they want to learn and soak up everything they can,, but just like me ,, they will only be able to soak up only so much at a time,, its a art /craft that you only learn by doing it ,, not reading only books or watching videos, but hands on,, so beginners does my heart good,, keep carving folks,, arleen

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