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Friday, March 23, 2012

mowing the yards in march ??? here we go again,, oh my

wow folks, i cant believe i just mowed my yard for the first time this season in march,, way to early,,
well i was kinda proud of myself today,, the lawn mower rider,, well a flat tire so i put air in it,, from a compressor , then i got it outside, went to start it and it turn over but would not start,, ok,, i ran the battery down, so got the battery charger hooked it up and waited, but i remember that fuel filter that i saw was empty, ,, well i took the fuel filter off, and notice that the gas drained ok the little that was left, in the filter so it was not clogged, but the hose from the gas tank to the filter was not draining,, so i took the air compressor and blew some air in the hose back to the tank and bingo,, it was flowing out of the tank,, i hooked everything back up and the battery at this time was charged enough and it started with no problem,, i normally would call someone, but this time i decide i would try to fix it on my own,, lol i got the biggest kick out of that today,,,,
well then the trimmer would not start,, i notice the rubber ball that you push to get it started,, had a hole in it,, so i took it apart and went to honey brook hardware, that i knew sold these type of trimmers, and i got a new part , and a new filter , and i came home reassembled it and bingo it started,, well one yard done,, now for next week i will have to see if dads rider is working, if not well i have to get it going,, as you can see carving will have to wait a bit, there is so much work outside to do ,, but somehow everything gets done every year,, and somehow,, carving still happens,, so maybe after things settle a bit i can find a nice shade tree to carve under, lol there are no leaves on the trees yet, i guess that will have to wait too, keep carving folks , and happy mowing season :)

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