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Saturday, September 3, 2011

my new painting center LOL , love my roof rack :)

hi folks, if you follow me on facebook, you saw this already,, this is a computer desk that i found at the flea market where i work,, they wanted to much money for it ,, so i offer what i thought it was worth,, and the waiting paid off,, got it about half of the asking price but had to wait a month to get it ,, was it worth the wait, yes, it was,, i have yet to use it ,, i just set it up after dragging it home,, ( i love the roof rack i got last year,, a cheap one but it works well, :) i have a small toyota corolla, so i been able even to take home some wooden pallets, lol the looks i get from other drivers,, i dont care its funny to me,, the last load i took home well was very high ,,,, it turn a few heads,, and i learn to love those rackets straps ,, they come in handy,, i use them also to tie down some things around my home before irene came along,,,,, but anyway,, its my new painting center,, desk , table what ever you like to call it,,, i always wanted a small desk that i could put just my paints on and be able to use it just for painting, then carving and painting,, if you have a small space this is a perfect desk, to use either as a painting or carving or both if you chose, and there are two shelves so that one can be the items that need to be painted and the top one for the drying process ,, or finished items,, i also have room on the bottom shelf to store my plates and cups for mixing paints, and also cause the shelf that the paint is on its easy level to see your paints,, that was the main reason i wanted this one,, also its on rollers so its easy to move it to a different room if you have to,, plus i will add a clamp on lamp and a hair dryer on it so that i can speed up the painting if i am only doing a couple at a time,, many things you can do,,,,,,, so it was a good day for me,, lol lets see what i will drag on top of the car next weekend,, OHHH its hay creek festival time,, of course i will be able to take everything along,, without using dads truck this time,, the ez up canopy will go on top,, PS i did this last year,, so it does work,, just make sure you got a strap going all the way around inside the car, to make sure nothing flies off the car,, happy carving


lotsabooks said...

Hi Leeni,
The desk looks great!
I hope you're enjoying the Labour Day weekend with your parents. Please say hi to them from Jack and me. We're looking forward to seeing you mid-October!

carverswoodshop said...

hi jen, thanks for the comment, looking forward to seeing you both too, i am here with the folks now, mom says hi,,, i did get to use the desk today for painting the rest of my carvings before haycreek next weekend,, have a great week,, take care bye