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Sunday, August 28, 2011

irene is over, and not so bad here ,, we were spared

hi again,, i didnt get much carving done,, we were spared , no trees down here either at my home or at the farm,, only a washed out driveway, and well flooding at the bridge ....for rain its a plus to have the farm on a hill ,, when it floods i dont really worry except the barn use to flood till i fix it a few years ago,, by putting up rain gutters etc, i was surprised that so far i had no flooding in the barn but in part of the hay field near the barn it does flood,, the drainage pipe under the road is not working, but i happy that i only have the driveway to repair nothing a load of stone cant fix,, and i have the tractor with a grader that i will be able to fix it,, oh one shutter came off the folks house which i can take care of later, at least no trees to chainsaw , or clean up ,, we got about 7 inches of rain,, even moms plants on the deck were spared,, we have power at the farm but not at my home yet,, its been about 12 hours i have at least somewhere to go , i feel bad for those that have to deal with it without a generator, hopefully they will restore the power for everyone,, but i know it may take a while,, we had one storm about two years ago that i was out for five days,, not fun,, so i been there and done that,, well i put this to a close,,, hope you enjoy your week, and keep carving, arleen

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