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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SIMPLE THINGS, why sometimes it cant be?

hi folks,, i went to my club meeting of the lancaster county woodcarvers meeting,, it was a different meeting,, we had to vote on some of the by laws of the group, this is not an easy nor simple task, meaning the folks that come every month have no idea the amount of work that the folks in charge have to do,, or to get ready for a meeting like this,, but a few things had to change, and to change it had to be voted to be changed,
i know meetings like this is not my cup of tea, i rather sit there and carve and just enjoy the meeting, seeing folks and plus what they been carving for the last month or so,,, but i also realize that these meetings are a must.
when it was explained to me that when you have a non-profit organization , there are rules that must be followed, and that in our happy lawsuit country it needs to protect itself, liability is a big deal,, so please if your group or club ask you to come to a meeting a vote, please take the time to go, and vote, and if you dont agree with something that is fine, just remember what is the best decision for the whole group,,
there were a lot of things i didnt agree with some of the different groups i have been a part of in the past, but i still support it, and enjoyed it, and knowing it was there for everyone, not just for me, and ok so i dont agree with some of it ,, BUT BUT BUT but i do agree with most of it. so you have choices, you can chose to be part of the problem or part of the solution, i just chose to stay even if things dont go the way that i expected,,
the meeting was fine last night,, some discussion on some topics that is good too, it bring to light some of the stuff that is new to many members,, just remember , its to be a fun club, and fun learning about carving, learning new things, and most of all just to be fun to belong to a group of great folks,, keep carving, arleen

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