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Monday, September 26, 2011

driven and disappointments??

strange topic isnt it,, are you a person that is driven, to finish , or to complete things,, if you are that can be a wonderful thing , and maybe not so wonderful thing if your to driven ,, cause i find folks that are driven all the time are never really happy with what they have,,, always going for something bigger and better,, never really enjoying where or what they have accomplished ...
at one point in my life i was called driven by a friend of mine,, funny,, i had to think about it , and yea i was to a point,, i was driven to run a farm, driven to own my home, and driven to get what i wanted in life,, but lately i am not,, it came to point that if i get to a project well that is ok, and if not thats ok too,,,
so i thought the same came to my carving,, personally i enjoy the style of carving that i do,,, i enjoy the results, and often times just enjoy the moment when your done painting it,, and to look at it for a bit,, and being proud of what i made,, is there room for being driven to do better? , sure there is,, but at the same time,, i am not wasting my time trying to be like carve A or B ,,, i have my way of carving and enjoying it along the way,, so many times i hear carvers saying i like to be carving like this carver or that carver,, you will get your own style of carving,, and learn to enjoy what you can do today,, and look forward to what you might be able to do in the future,
if your drvien in carving that isnt a bad thing, it makes you want to do a better carving,, just one big word here,, you will always improve,, weather you think you never will,, ,, but you will cause,, believe me when i say this,,, what you carve today will be not what you will carve in the future, your carving will get better as you continue to carve,, and true you only get out of if what you put into it,, TIME lots of time carving,, so do not be discourage cause your carvings dont look at carver A OR B just enjoy the ride along the way,, learn what you can from other carvers ,, and dont worry if yours in not as good,, in time it will be,, keep carving , arleen

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