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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

oouccch a cut???

howdy again, this was posted on fb i know some of you are not into facebook, thought you might enjoy reading this,, arleen

hi folks,, as many of you know the hobby of wood carving can be dangerous , i along with many other carvers have cut themselfs at one time or another,, and yes we all had cut ourselves, if your a beginner i always highly recommend that you wear a carving glove and a thumb guard,, its a must for beginners and really we all should wear a glove,, but here is one statment that i will make,, its a personal choice,, for those that KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A KNIFE, knife control is one of the most important thing along with the glove and the thumb guard,, i feel if your new to woodcaving you should wear a glove,, like a seat belts, you can have them in the car but its a choice weather you will wear it,,

i know this issue came up so many times on some of the forums,, the nice thing about fb i can voice without being rip apart for my veiws,,

here i go,,

1....many season carvers that teach do not wear a glove ,, i dont either, 30 years ago they didnt have glove that i knew of at the time , but back then i did wear a thumb guard ,,, so we learn to control the knfie to avoid cuts) , but we all agree that if your a beginner you should ( all my students wears one) wear a glove and a thumb guard,

2.. this is my belief,, and mine only is that knife control and sharp knives is a must, once you control your knife then you will be less likely to cut yourself ,,,,, and this is only done with many hours of carving,, and once you learn this it will become second nature to you,, i dont even think how to do the push and pull method,, just like driving a car,, you get in start the car and go,, remember the first time you were behind the wheel? well same applies for carving, you only learn this by carving, and learning the right way to control your knife

3..... THE GLOVE WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM ALL CUTS !!!!!! i have seen it,, and i believe the cut can be worst without one,, but it will protect you from most of the cuts,, depends how your handling your knife and what, the amount of pressure behind the cut,, ( that is why its safer to have a sharp knife then a dull one) GLOVE WILL NOT PROTECT AGAINST KNIFE OR GOUGE STABS...

4 just a personal word,, i just look in one of the carving magazines, which half of the projects the teacher had a glove and thumb guard, and the other half did not.... i am one of the ones that dont,, but like i said earlier many teachers ( seasoned carvers do not) there are times i will wear them when i have a project that is round or hard to hold or very small,, but that isnt often, but a thumb guard if i doing alot of carving but i choose not to wear one, 30 years ago,, when i started i ALWAYS ALWAYS HAD A BOX OF BANDAIDS ON MY WORK BENCH, OR ALONG WITH ME , cause the choice of wearing a glove was not there,, not even made,, to my knowledge,,, so we had to learn to control the knife , so as all carvers agree its highly encourage that beginners and every carver wear a glove and thumb guard ,, and if you take class or at one of my carverswoodshop luncheon, then its required to wear both a glove and a thumb guard,, i also had this discussion at one of the carving clubs i was asked to give a presentation of my work and youtube stuff, and some of them agreed with me ,, , what i believe and its only my opinion is that sometimes i think the wearing the glove give you a false sense of security that you will not get cut and my belief is that its more important to learn how to control you knife, ( i not much into gouges so i not discussing gouges only knives) also important that beginners use a stationary knife, not a pocket knife, unless its a lock blade,,

so its i boils down to a personal choice, and because its a personal choice, you are the one responsible for the results, as always i will recommend that everyone wear one, but weather you do or not, its up to you,, thanks to all that took the time to read this,, now go carve, something great, arleen

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