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Friday, May 13, 2011

computers and carving great combo

hi folks,, as i am able to do a post on my blog today, i had to think what the two have in common, and they have nothing in common, but using the computer to learn new things , then its a great combo,, the past few days i had no internet, and my connection was not good,, for some reason, i found not only annoying but frustrating,, so i walked away from it for a while , and began to redo my inkjet office, with the new machine,, like all new things i need to learn the tricks to this machine,, its wonderful, but it a bit more work on my part but well worth it if it does what its suppose to do,, well carving as i said in one of my post is it can be very rewarding or very frustrating, depending on the tools that you use and the wood,, it make a huge difference and you just have to keep at it to get it right,, but all this take time, we are in a world that everyone one wants to have everything right away,, not always good, sometimes working towards a goal is jjust as important as finishing it,, and sometime when its a tough piece to carve, or a project that your learning, well its all the more rewarding when you can finish it and look at what youve done, so yes computers can help you learn how to carve but it doesnt replace you really picking up a knife and doing it, you cant learn it just by watching youtube but joining along side it with a block of wood in your hands ,, and a good sharp knife,, so yes i guess the do go together,, pick a project from any of the carvers on line or mine, and go for it,,, you got nothing to lose but everything to gain,, enjoy folks,,, hope to see many of you in a couple of weeks, at the carving show,, take care, arleen

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