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Thursday, May 5, 2011

well nothing to do with woodcarving but my new machine for inkjet refilling

hi folks,, i know this has nothing to do with woodcarving, but one of my businesses over the years was inkjet refilling,, i been refilling inkjets for the last 13 years,, since 1998,, most of the machines have changed so much over the years,, and with some other refilling companies came and went,, i never knew how they could pay the rent for the kiosk and make any profit,, as i watch one company come to major mall near the city,, i spoke to them a few times, as most that start a business , i felt they has a good drive for a business but i felt they were lead down a road which to me made no sense,, first not every cartridge you get in to refill will be refillable. no matter what you do to it,, trust me folks ,, i had more ink errors in the beginning,, i did most of it by hand, cause not one machine can do it all,, but at the same time i was losing the ability to refill some of the cartrides as the major companies made it more and more difficult to refill them,, of course this is how the make their money is selling the replacements for their inkjet printers, which today are really throw aways, just want they want,, i still using a hp 930 machine is a workhorse, made in 1995 ... with a special adapter to use with my lap top ,, i will start another blog about the inkjets and will put together things you need to look for when buying a new machine, or what will work best for you in the long run,,
but for now the machine you see is the machine i just bought to upgrade my business, i have yet to use it,, and looking at all the tubing and buttons ,, but i also know enough that this machine can be a great asset, time will tell how it will work,, my hopes are high, and hopefully it will be good for many years to come,,
well just like having the right tools in woodcarving, was time for me to have the right refilling machine,, sometimes a old business needs a boost and now was the time,,
plus i need this machine to make all my dvd covers etc,, LOL
its been a great job, most customers drop of their inkjets in a box and pick them back up in the next box outside, so the system i had worked well,,
sometimes you either get out of a business or you have to keep going,, and sometimes you just need to upgrade or get out of it,, so i decided it was time to upgrade,, and soon i will be able to help you out when your ready to buy a new printer, and which ones are better for what you need,, email me , if you have any question , i be happy to help you out,,,,, keep carving, arleen

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