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Saturday, May 21, 2011

about having a blog,, you can write anything you want :) today the end of the world??

the joy of having a blog is to be able to share ideas, and just thoughts that you alone have, and want to share with the rest of the bloggersville, well today i just caught that today was to be the end of the world,, and many that believe this preacher sold everything they had and followed him,, kinda sounds like those in the day of jesus those that followed him,, gave up family, businesses for a teacher, and i am sure many thought they were crazy to follow this man,, but today many around the world see jesus as a savior and not only a prophet,, and many follow him today, as do i , but we also have a bible that can teach us a vast amount of things, and if we are willing to search a bit,, it plainly say that no one knows the hour only the father knows the day and time,, and because of that i never understood how folks can follow a preacher that has a date for the end of the world,, i will leave the jugdement to god as far as that preacher is concern,, i wont have to do it,, but this is the second time that he predicted the end of the world,,, as he continues to bring in revenue many sold everything they had, quit their jobs really believe it with all their hearts,, to them i feel compassion,, not only were they not following god but a man that claim to have truth, and how much more damage did this man do to those that really thought it would be the end and it didnt happen,, i guess, many have laugh how could anyone believe it,, and follow that,, but we dont know how but somehow people will believe what is told to them, and i for one tomorrow will say a prayer, for those whose faith were shaken and that they will be able to get their jobs back and some of the money return,, to me its fraud,, plain and simple its one thing to share a message like this its another to continue to take people's money, up until the day that they claim,, as a christian that believes in a second coming, feels that when ever that days comes i will be ready,, i dont need to know the day and hour,, it will not be a concern for me,, but a happy one for those of us that know the lord,, take care and keep carving arleen


Anonymous said...

Thanks Arleen. Yes he was being fraudulent I believe so too. I will also be ready and a lot of my family too, whenever the final trumpet sounds. I'll meet you in the air and will not need a plane ticket. Bless you love.

Evelyn Jimenez said...

Thanks Arleen for posting this and I am glad to know that you also are a believer. With expectation we will someday see our Lord Jesus Christ. But meanwhile we live our lives knowing we have purpose and can touch so many peoples lives. May the Lord Bless you and as the saying says, "See you here, see you there, or in the air". Blessings and Love,