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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you never know.....good things aren't always plan

hi folks i had to reflect on the last couple of years,,, as thanksgiving is now past and christmas coming,, and then new year,, i had to think,, i didn't plan how youtube turn out,, nor the blog or facebook,, i just wanted to put videos up about woodcarving,, and now,, looking back,, i sit in awe,, of what it became and wondering how much much it can become. i keeping thinking how many more new projects can i come up with? how many more will come to the site to be interested in woodcarving, and how many of them keep at it after they start.... its an amazing thing,, the internet can be a terrible thing or a wonderful tool to learn,,, there are sites that are good , not all has to be bad on the net,, and i for one want only the good,,, we have enough tv, and talk shows, and movies that are in my opinion just plain garbage, it does my heart good to hear,, that a 12 year old boy , from norway, was on facebook, and wanted to learn to carve,, he was full of questions, yes 12 is young,, when he wrote that he watch 2oo plus videos that i posted on youtube , of the 1000 that i have up,, seems to me he has the carving bug , imagine that,, that a young kid is interested in carving,, not spending his time playing games on a computer but wanting to learn woodcarving,,, and the other day i got an email of a young couple that are trying carving together,, how neat is that,, i hope all those that start will enjoy it enough to continue for a lifetime,, some will become great carvers,, the next generation of carvers,, so you never know what you might do will help another carver,, and good things are not always plan,, i hope that many more enjoy carving,, and learn from not only me but others as well, keep carving folks,


lotsabooks said...

It's wonderful that you are able to be a positive influence in the lives of people you don't even know. You are certainly using the Internet in a constructive way and making a difference.
I love reading your blog and being able to keep up, in a small way, with what's going on in your life.

carverswoodshop said...

thanks you jenny,,, :) hope all is well with you and the family?