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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

time to relax a bit, we can all learn, and word about wood spirits

hi folks, i am still working on the chipmunk and hope the three videos i have up about how to fix checks and cracks is helpful to you, as you i am always learning something new, just because i been carving 30 years doesnt mean i cant learn new ways of carving things, so its been a learning time for me with the chipmunk, as the years go by new folks will come up with new great ideas and things we can all learn,

just my take on wood spirits, now what i am going to write is just my personal view, and please its not to down anyone that does wood spirits, so here i go,
i went for a walk out at a state park nearby, found an neat piece of wood, i wanted to carve but forgot my box but i had a knife , which i dont forget it to often, and decided to make a wood spirit , not sure if i should i carved it and it came out great, very happy with the way it looked, and thought i would do some research on it , didnt know why the name bothered me ,
as many of you know i am a christian, and my belief is like many of my veiwers , but we all are convicted on different things, i never did a wood spirit before and i just want to say to those that do you do an awesome job on them, for me the wood SPIRIT word cause me to look into it, and wondered why they called it by that name, i believe in a holy spirit, so the name was what bothered me the most, as i researched it on the internet , it had some meaning years ago, i have no idea if the meaning is the same today for some folks, the part that troubled me was that they believe that spirits are in the trees and the wood carver would carve the wood spirit to release it, that is the part that i raised my eyebrows to, so i went to a couple of my christians friends, and ask what they thought, i did the piece with nothing more than enjoying the creation of a face, and no spiritaul meaning to it, with that in mind, here is what some of my friends counsel on the matter, to change the name and the piece itself to something different, which i will do, i always want to honor my lord by what ever i do, and not take away from what he has given to me, i will be changing the name and the look of the normal wood spirit, i have a name in mind which i will let you know once i start the videos on it, this will come after the chipmunk, in a few days, some christians dont like santas, and i do santas, and snowman, etc, i am a firm believer to each their own, weather you believe in him or not , i am not the judge, he is and he is the only one i have to answer to, and each person has to make his own mind up to what they believe, also i stand in judgement of no one no matter what you believe, i feel everyone has a right to believe as they want, that is called freewill, .. so please i am not putting judgement on those that do make wood spirits, i choose just to change it for my own beliefs, i do all of these with great pleasure and always remembering the creator that made everything, and the one that gave me the great hobby of woodcarving to begin with, happy and safe carving to you all, arleen

1 comment:

Cynda said...

I agree with you 100%. I have put off doing wood spirits for the same conviction about "spirits". I never thought about changing the name! lol