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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

coming home today, and ready to carve

hi folks, sorry that the videos on the graduate is taking longer than normal , i am in canada today ready to make my trip back home, i went to my uncles funeral, and i think this is the shortest time i ever spent up here, came here monday and going back today (wed) . the family did a nice job on the service, and it was good to see and spent time with family that i havent seen in years. its rare for me, and to be at a table with aunts, uncles ,cousins and my sister chatting, it almost never happens, those of you that live among family may have this often, the last time was about 8 years ago, and before that i couldnt tell ya, after the service an aunt , uncle , my sister , and i went out for dinner, it was nice and i got a Chinese cookie and the saying i thought i share with you folks, it was ..... one that makes no mistakes, is one that never made anything...... HOW TRUE.. if your a carver , we are going to make mistakes, and that is how we learn sometimes, so if your new keep at it,,, as you saw with the chipmunk i had to fix it, but i think it was also a good learning tool, i have a few things more that i like to start carving, as the show will be here before i know it i better get going, take care,, and keep carving, arleen


lotsabooks said...

It was so special that you drove all the way from PA for the funeral. Thanks so much. It meant a lot to the family.

Jack and I are looking forward to visiting with you and your folks again this summer.

Have fun preparing for the upcoming carving show in Lancaster.

carverswoodshop said...

thank you jen, our families have a lot of history together, your mom and dad are great folks, and i also want to thank you for the countless times you came to see my folks and I its always a special time when you and jack come down to lancaster , looking forward to it too, see ya in a few months!