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Sunday, April 18, 2010

new video how to fix checks and cracks in wood, what i learned

hi folks, to my dismay i found checks or if you want to call it cracks in the chipmunk, instead of redoing it, i going to make some videos on my discovery and how to repair, and we can learn from it, i think there were couple of things going on with the piece, in the video i state like i have in the past to spray it will 50/50 solution alcohol/ water, i only had one problem with this in the past, and here is what i know so far,

1... the wood was cut from an end piece of the plank, not that it should matter if its dry to start with but both the angel and the chipmunk were cut from the ends of the plank
2... both pieces were harder than normal, seemed tougher to carve the wood,
3... overspray, 50/50 solution its ok to use this stuff but you have to be careful not to over do it, i normally spray it put it in a bag and overnight its nice and easy to carve, but because the piece seemed harder to carve than normal i did it a couple of times,.

my fault most likely, but all in all its a learning experience, like in everything we do we can learn when something goes wrong, to understand why,, all the factors were in place and one more thing, both the angel and the chipmunk alot of carving done on the end grain, which soaks up the water even more, and that is were the checks were located
well nothing is lose if we learn from it,
i did about 8 baby chicks for easter and spray them put them in a bag , and resprayed and didnt have any problems with them, but most all not cut on near the end cap of the plank,
and folks sometimes we just dont know why things crack, some folks carve green wood and have no cracks, i only had a few in the 3o years i carved, but i know most of us have had the problem one time or another,
i know how disappointing it can be but i also know you can repair it most of the time, i wanted to do a few things different with chipmunk piece than what i wanted to do,
i will not wood burn the fur, cause you will see where the repairs are ,, so just paint it without the texture
i looked and researched some things i could do and found an easy simple way to fix it , some folks might try others ways, and that is fine i just found this way to be simple enough and cheap, now if there was something i could buy to dip it into to restore it i would, but for now i will go with this until i find out more about the products that are out there,
dont give up and just keep at it , happy and safe carving arleen

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