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Thursday, April 29, 2010

looking into some new projects after i get the graduate done

hi folks my world the last week was kinda busy, traveling to canada and back in three days, and now having to get things done here around home and the farm, spring is a busy time, i just got a letter that i have to go for jury duty in june, this is the fifth time i have been called, but i will go, i guess i was thinking today, we make time for what we have to, so i dont like going and never met anyone that liked it , but i have to say the process of doing jury duty can be an interesting one, that is one great thing in this country to be judged by our peers, so i will try not to complain to much, and try to learn from it, in the letter it told us not to bring pocketknives so i guess i wont be carving that day to past the time LOL , thought maybe making a video of a carving while waiting but i dont think they would allow that either, lol ,, just trying to find a way to past the time there, it can be very boring, but i have plans, a pen and paper to make some new patterns , or carving magizines and books, will work, well i have a few new things in mind, the branch guy,,, i not calling it that but it works for now, and maybe a woodburning project that will help folks that like to do birds , once the graduate is done , we will find more things to do,,, sorry its taking so long this time, sometime life gets in the way, well hope you all are working on something that is fun, i will be done with the graduate by monday, hopefully, thanks for waiting folks, and for all that are following my videos, and this blog, and facebook, it amazes me , i am truly blessed, take care and happy carving, arleen

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