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Monday, October 13, 2014

apple fest ,, was great inspite of the rain and gearing up for the next couple of months

it was a rainy mess sat morning, didn't see a soul till about 1030am and i was there to set up at 6am cause it open at 7am,,  and normally its pack in the morn,, but it was better in the afternoon,,  i was surprised  that i sold as much as i did , considering not many people or vendors out ,, but sunday made up for it,, i did about the same as last year,, and that was good,, so i was not disappointed,,  so just sticking it out sometimes works out for the best,,
in fact i got  5 new students ,, two from this weekend and three in the past couple of weeks,, also will advertise in my local paper,,  i did in the past and got a couple of folks,,  but  its not always cheap to put in an ad in our paper ,, but overall it was a great weekend ,,
so i gearing up for the month of nov,,  four classes that are starting to fill up,,so i see a very busy month ahead, and then i plan to have my shop open saturdays to sell my carvings to the local folks, which has been good the past two years,, so this is the third year i will be open, and plan to also be open for a few nights before christmas,
when september comes each year i feel more and more i am right into the christmas season,, which might sound strange to many, but as a woodcarver i work on my santas in jan to get enough inventory together for the shows and for the season ,,,  so keep carving folks,,  have fun, and most of all enjoy this time of year and what it brings,,
it will be a bitter sweet christmas without my dad,, but without christmas we wouldn't have the hope that we do,, take care,,  arleen

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