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Thursday, December 11, 2014

hi everyone the christmas season had a good start,, and some news on tools.

howdy from pa,,  i open my shop for the first sat of dec and did very well,, not many folks but some very good sales, so i was happy happy happy ......, i also added some sales of tools of which i use,, i had many folks ask me where to get tools,, and i direct them where to go,, but decided i wanted to get the v tool that i use for carving beards, hat trim,, and often you have to buy a set,  so now i found a supplier that will sell me only what i needed,,  so i now have a beginners set,,  a mico dockyard v and gouge set,, ( this set was selected by me, its the only ones i use, out of two sets i purchased years ago,, so i was able to choose my personal set to have available to othesr that would like to purchase,, ... i didnt want to be a supply carving store,, but so many ask where to get the stuff i use on youtube,, i decided this might be the best way to do it,, plus i will not sell anything i will not use myself,, i wanted to make sure that folks got the right tools for the job,,  so here is the break down of what is available 

first the beginners set

tools are here, limited, prices , and sets

December 10, 2014 at 10:41pm
hi folks,   i found someone that would work with me and put a set together of five of the dockyard that i use the most ,,,, so  i put together some options that might work for you,,  i came up with the following,, ( please note i have a very limited amount on hand, for my classes etc ,,  i might take a week for me to get them in if i am out,, but i will be sure to order them as quickly as i can,,  

beginners set,,  
1 murphy knife, sharpen ready to carve,  20.00
1 med glove,,, ( if you need a different size please let me know, there are small med and large... med is the most popular size) 9.00
1 small strop,, one inch wide.. which both sides have leather, 7.00
4- one inch rolls of tape for thumb guard,, 2.00
1 v-3 dockyard tool   17.00

shipping 8.00  usa shipping only ( other  countries  will be determined)
total for only the beginners set is 63.00
 1 --- v-3 tool only  17.00
shipping is 3.00 , in the usa  ( other countries will be determined)
total for the v tool only is 20.00

ok now to the dockyard set,, i put together a set of five of the dockyards i use the most,,  out of the two sets i got years ago  now it would cost 110-120 for these two set today,, so below is the list of the five
1- v-3    vtool
1... 15v  vtool
1...g15  gouge
1...g2   gouge
1...g5   gouge,,
shipping is 8.00 in the usa only,, ( other countries will be determined)

@ 14.00 a piece
the set cost 70.00
total for the dockyard set only is  78.00

now if you purchase a beginners set you can add the last four at a later time the cost for the four is 56.00 for the set of for, because the v-3 will be part of the beginners set,,  shipping is 7.00 total of 63.00

if you decide  you want the beginners  set and the five piece you will get the v tool for 14 instead of 17 ,,
the cost for both sets together is 108  shipping is 8.00

total  for the beginner set and dockyard set is  116.00

please these are limited,, i might take me a week or so to get more in if i am sold out,,
ck only please it will keep cost down,,

make ck to ,
arleen zomer
226 hill rd
honey brook pa.19344

484-364-0471  or carverswoodshop@yahoo.com

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