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Thursday, August 25, 2011

wow what a time ,,, :)

hi folks, my family from holland are returning back home tomorrow,, just in time before the hurricane, i sure had a nice time with them,, a very nice family we had lots of laughs and enjoyed going out to see lancaster county,,, some of those photos are on my facebook,,, of course i didnt get any carving done during this time which is fine,,, but three of my carving are going to holland, i gave each of the girls a pumpkin which i could tell they really like,,, it was small easy to take along and a few things for my fellow woodcarver my uncle ,, :) in holland . i gave him a dvd and a small pinecone, so i sure he will enjoy doing the projects on the dvd,,,
my dutch was not to bad,, by the time they left this morning , my folks and i were talking mostly dutch to each other lol normally my folks can talk to me in dutch which i understand most of it and i return it in english . it works either way,, sorry its taking me so long to get back on the puter theses days,, well as most of you know the hurricane is coming i dont think we will get the worse of it here in honey brook but will get some wind and alot of rain from what i hear,,, i wish all those along the east coast a safe couple of days as you endure the storm,, take care and make sure you have some wood you can carve while you wait out the storm,, arleen

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