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Thursday, August 11, 2011

some changes to carverswoodshop luncheon

hi folks, as some of you already know that sept 12th 2011 will be our last meeting at the home furnishing outlet mall, for the carverswoodshop luncheon,, the reason is that the mall is in the process of being sold , i will continue to have the meetings as soon as i can find a place, not sure where that will be for now, but as time gets closer to oct meeting time, i should have more information, so sept 12th will be the last at the mall, i will plan a few classes yet in sept , i will have a carving class , and one of them will be a two day class of the morning santa, i was going to do this class in oct but will have it in sept,, so i will give you more information as soon as i know of the times,
just a word about the mall,, i had the been a security guard for the mall for weekends the past 21 years,, i enjoyed working there. i along with many that work there today, until our last day, which has yet to be determined, will be out of jobs, many of us hope to be rehired .,, the waiting for some, has been difficult,, as many around the country know what it is like to lose a job,, i trust that somehow things always work out,, i will keep the faith as i go along the next couple of months,
when the farm came to an end, well mostly a slow down,, i had to learn to get use to not having the daily chores, now i enjoy the fact that i dont have them,, i miss the animals, but i dont miss the worry that came along with farming,,
my feelings are mixed with the mall, i will miss the many folks i was able to chat with every weekend, and the many that crossed my path,, i also look forward to new things that might be coming to morgantown,, well like everyone else that is part of the mall, it will be interesting to see what will come to pass,, until then i going to keep carving,, arleen

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