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Monday, December 6, 2010

dreaming, might come true?

well folks,, i had time to think about the past year, and some of you know i wanted to put a carving shop/studio/gallery at the farm,, not sure how to go about it,, some time ago i could have gotten a cabin type building super cheap,, something inside thought it might not be the best time to do it,, now i regret not getting it,, i dont know if another opportunity will come, up,, i dont often regret when i make a decision ,, this one i might have missed it,, a couple of factors other then the main one was the cost,, it had a leak which i could not determine where it came from on the floor,, so i shy away from it,, wow, i would have been nice not only to have it to work in but to store the wood, and other carving related things,, , i would love to have enough room when i get it , to have a library of carving books and magazines,, we all need to dream about something, or work toward a goal,, as i looked around the farm yesterday,, i still have to see where i want to put it,, how big will i need , and oh can i build it myself?? i am sure it would have more meaning if i did the work, but not sure i want to venture into something that big,, well i can still think on it,, but i dont want to think to long that i miss it all together,, its like the guy that is on a roof cause of flooding, and he prays to god to save him .... so a boat comes along and he says no god will save me,,, and another boat comes along and he says no again, saying god will save him...., and the third comes along and he says the same thing,,, he dies,, and then ask god why he didnt save him, gods reply is i sent you three boats,, ........................... so i dont want to miss the second boat if it ever comes i dont believe in chances, i believe in gods timing, its weather i listen to him when its the right time, keep carving, arleen


Clem said...

Good Morning,
I have been thinking about your dream of having your own workshop space. To my mind dreams are what makes life exciting. I have often found that dreaming of visiting a particular spot, or dreaming of a new purchase etcetera, is often more exciting then the actual realization of that dream.
I am sure that you can build your own workshop. As anyone who has the time, is handy with tools, should be able to accomplish a project like yours.
For myself when thinking about whether I should take on a particular task or not I always ask myself "Is this something that I would really enjoy doing, or is there something else that I would get more enjoyment doing, while having someone else complete the project".
Of course alas, there are times when reality kicks in and one must compromise due to time and cost factors..... The idea of finding a building that can be moved to your location sounds like a good alternative. Good luck eh!

carverswoodshop said...

thanks for your comments, and your right the dream sometimes is more exciting than the dream, thanks again, arleen