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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

getting started it's the hardest part? motivated?

hi folks, i am trying to get this thankgiving project completed this week if all goes well, i am seeing something that i learn long ago,, its harder to start a new project than doing them ,, i find myself looking forward to getting started but really doing so is difficult,, or shall i say life gets in the way ...another day goes by, and well nothing gets started, lol
most of know that going to work is harder then being at work, just like we did for years, feeding the animals on the farm, it was harder to get ourselves out to the barn then it was doing the work,
i guess it comes down to if your motivated or not, the animals had to be care for,, so every 12 hours i was in the barn feeding , weekends, holiday, if i was sick or not, i can count on one hand the days i missed cause i was sick,, out of 25 years of farming,, there were no sick days, holidays. so getting motivated was sometimes difficult,
so if your not motivated, your not alone, there are days i just dont want to carve, and other days i cant wait to start, its normal, and if you find yourself not ready to start a new project that is fine, sometimes we just need that extra boost , weather that is going to a carving show, getting new project ideas from others. or just letting it go for a while, but i always end up finding something that will spark my interest again, or a new idea will come to mind out of the blue, either way , starting a project or trying to find one, somehow it always does,, happy carving arleen

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