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Sunday, December 19, 2010

an interesting night, most folks are giving, salvation army,

hi folks,, last week , i went to work and one of the folks from the mall had to leave early , she and her husband were going to ring the bell for the salvation army at walmart in morgantown,, i said that i had thought that might be fun to do ,, i always admired those that would brave the weather to ring a bell ,, she said let me have your number and i will let you know what its like( it was their first time) , i said ok,, a few days later i got a call from a woman from her church that said , i heard you are willing to help ring the bell,, ((well ,, in my head i thought that i was going to get a call from the other lady telling me what it was like,, lol)) i said sure i do it,, and so the next day which was sat night at 6 to 7 pm i would ring the bell,, it was cold , three layers of slacks and 4 light layer of shirts and a coat, hat, mittens and i was ready, it was 27 degrees, one hour was just enough not to get to cold, and it was at night,
i think everyone should put in one hour,, you will find 6 out of 10 give, some folks ignore you , others will say god bless you,, but overall it was good, most folks are giving, and you have to remember if your anything like me i go to walmart a few times before christmas, and some may have given at another time,
i thought what if every person that enter walmart during the holidays would only give 25 cents, ,, what a difference it would make, the little donations are just as important and the one that gave 1-5-or 10 bucks,, it might be all they can afford, and i mostly enjoyed seeing the little ones putting money in the bucket, whata great lesson for them,,
most folks are giving, carvers are no different,, i see it often at shows or at meetings, if you need something or need to learn how to do a carving, there always seems to be someone willing to lend a hand
one thing i know for sure, most folks want to help , and care about their fellow man, happy carving, arleen

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