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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

attitude,, woodcarving shows,, just some thoughts about vendors

i hope this will find everyone in agreement ,, as i went to a carving show , i enter the building,, to find out what table was mine to set up,, they didn't have me registered,,, well in my head i knew i sent the check and that it was some kind a mix up and that it would work out ok,, just give them some time to figure it out,, i told them that i did speak to someone, the guy that was looking for spot remembered our conversation, so i told him i would go back out to the car,, and come in later to let them sort it out,, i could tell he had a lot going on,, and was concerned that he didn't have me on the list,, later i enter the building again to see if it was worked out, and sure enough they did have a table,, i told him i knew it was a lot of work putting a show together, and thanked him for the spot,, and started to set up,,, later in the day,, the lady i first saw,, came up to me and thanked me for being so nice about the mix up, and said someone else was not so kind about it and was very upset,, i told her how nice it was that she came by,and i knew that they would work it out somehow,,,,,,, so folks please if your in the show, remember the folks that are putting it together,,, they have a lot going on,, and give them some slack when things don't go as planned, they will do their best to help you,, they don't need someone upset with them,,,,thanks to all of you that put these shows together,, that is the first attitude,,

the second attitude is being a vendor
we have to remember that people pay to come into our shows ,, we as vendors should act that we are happy to see them ,, most vendors are,, but one i met well,, i as ashamed how they treated some of our guests,, i understand that most carvers do not want people picking up and touching their carvings,, but please do not bark or yell at them if they do,, they didnt read your sign,, most people will see it after the fact,, but i overheard one vendor bark out , "dont touch it,, you break it you bought it,",,,,, needless to say,, it was harsh,, and simple please doesn't hurt,, they pay money to come to a show,, either put it out of reach or put it behind glass,, i know both not always be an option, a gentle word goes a long way ,,,, happy carving ,arleen


chuck bolton said...

arleen i agree with you 100%. all of the "staff" at the shows i go to are volunteers, they are giving of their time to promote a hobby or activity that we love. mistakes happen and generally can be worked out. when was the last time you had a "perfect" day without an error? this attitude of blaming others for mistakes and be obnoxious about it, has become all to common in today's society. my experience is that those that give the most grief, would be the last to volunteer to staff an event-- i think that all people should be more compassionate and understanding. it would be a much nicer world to live in. that being said-- 98% of the carvers i have met are fantastic people-- its that 2% that make you wonder.

carverswoodshop said...

well said chuck thanks for posting your comments !!