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Friday, March 12, 2010

an old carving project, and the push i needed , to finish

hi folks like many of us, sometimes a project will come and be finished in a short time, some take alot of time, some carvings are more fun to do than others, as i have posted in the past.... today i had a cane that is made of basswood that i got at a carving show in mich... about 3 years ago... i wanted to carve it for my mom. i will be the first to say i dont know what to do with it. meaning i just cant get my mind around how or what to carve on this cane, its a block with a handle on it,, i had it hidden all this time until my dear mother found it , lol i had it laying on a table, she comes once a week to have a cup of coffee and to chat at my home, ( i am only a mile away) i always at the farm with my folks, but she enjoys coming , getting out and having a cup of coffee, funny isnt it sometime the simple things in life are the best....she is two years shy of 80... she has used a cane for some time now, i forgot to hide the cane, started to put things that she loves like flowers so i started a tulip, and that is where it stop, now two years later she now wants me to finish it, maybe its the push i need to try to get it done, lol so i am moving forward on it, not sure how the heck its going to look , but i will keep you posted on my cane project,,, but knowing how moms are they dont care what it looks like, just that you made it for them is enough