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Sunday, March 21, 2010

50 years ago, holland to the USA

hi folks, today marks a special day for my folks, and my sister and i, monday will be 50 years ago my folks ( me on the way) came to the usa from holland, i was born here, and was the only one on both sides of my family that was born in the states,,, can you tell i a bit proud of that ?? :) but we are getting together, and i just have to say some words about my folks
first they came here after applying for two years , and it was granted, they along with my sisters became U.S citizens, about 1o years later ...... I feel bad for those that want to come now and are not able to, but understand that this country is the country that one can be free, and work hard to get what you want, and my folks left their families to came here, to have that american dream, which my father did, he got his farm, and worked hard, then i was also able to make a living farming the last 23 years , so i owe my folks a lot for coming here,
second it took courage, i dont know if i would be able to do what they did back then, they came here and learn english, we along with many other dutch folks , believe you have to learn english, and plus if you didnt you wouldnt be able to get ahead,,, please if your here please learn it, i know its not easy,,, my folks learn by watching tv, i love lucy shows, and game shows ,,,, i guess back in the 60s they had to , no choice , they had to to function, it took them about 2 years to get a hold of it, plus they read, write, etc in english,, but i also have to say i learn dutch and english, and its been a blessing to know both,
my folks were in their 30s so it can be done, if you learning and your discouraged please there are many places that will help you to learn, dont give up, just like carving keep at it,
so its a happy day for us, and my folks, they never looked back, just forward, and i so thankful that they choose here to come,remember, many want to come here and cant, your in a place that alot of folks only dream of............., take care and happy carving , arleen

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