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Thursday, March 18, 2010

march 26 , will be one year and what a year its been

hi folks , next week on the 26th it will be one year ago that i started my youtube channel, now close to 50,000 channel views and 170,000 views, with amost 600 videos, its been a great year, alot of new folks that i have met along the way, great people, and its been a wonderful time for me. if you would have told me a year ago that i would have all that i stated above, i would have told i dont believe you. now the first 6 videos were with my webcam but wanted it better , so i found a camera that did just that , up close so you folks could see details,

in that year it was first the youtube channel, carverswoodshop
then the two blogs, and facebook group , wow makes me tired to think of it all,
like all things, it takes time, lots and lots of time, rome wasnt built in a day neither was any of this, one day one video at a time, so if your working on something that takes a bit of time it will be well worth it and stick to it, and keep going, carve carve carve,

thanks to all that have watched my videos, and all the countless emails of thanks that i got from new and old carvers alike, thanks for making this a wonderful year for me, and hope the next year will be as good if not better, take care and keep carving, you never know what can be done in a year, God bless you all, arleen

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