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Monday, April 2, 2012

stepping out of your carving comfort zone??

hi folks, nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone to make you grow!! i decided i wanted to do so by carving a famous person and see if i could do so,, in a caricature form,, so i decide to do a funny carving of obama, and i was going to do another political figure ,,,, which i change just to stay in my other safe zone, knowing some folks might not enjoy my humor, i know most folks can laugh at stuff, but religion and politics sometimes brings a reaction that might not be so good,, and i am not here to offend anyone,,, as far as politics this year, i keep my thoughts to myself,, as much as i hate politics anyway, but grateful that we do have elections that many around the world do not enjoy today,,, as much as we all dislike the political stuff, i am still glad we have our system of voting
but going back to the carving,, i wanted to see how it would work out,, and i been video taping it along the way,, some things took me so long that i could not put it on video, but the major stuff is up,, i will start to post it in case you may want to follow it,, it might not be the project you would like to do,, but may learn a few things maybe you didnt know before,, and isnt that what the videos are about,, i enjoy this project very much,, and i am sure if i would repeat this it will be better then the first,, the first project of anything can always improve,, and i am no different than any of you,, i will look at this later saying to myself i should have done this or that,, so take a leap of faith, so to speak,, step out of your carving comfort zone.. you dont have to show anyone your work.... like i am doing today,,,, but you wont learn and grow unless you do take that big step,, i hope you enjoy the video no matter who your voting for this year,, and just keep carving,, arleen

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