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Monday, April 16, 2012

some reasons to carve

wow ,, i guess this is like a second home for me,, just sitting here writting about carving,, and posting videos etc,, it has become part of my life,, it takes time, lots of time, not only to make videos but to make dvds, and post on facebook, and my blog,, time that i think is wisely spent,, after the lancaster woodcarving show ,, i am beginning to realize, how important this is to some of you,, if i may i like to explain ,, i met a couple that came all the way from michigan, to see me, and the show , he had a wonderful story , he has been watching the videos, and he loves it,, it amazes me ,, beyond words, what that meant to me, not only this couple but others that come from miles around to see me in person,, when i first started this youtube channel,, little did i know what it would become,, i am humble beyond words, that god can use a person that has no video , teaching, or writting abililties to teach others how to carve, well in my head i just taking a piece of wood and explaining how to carve it,, i know there will always be mistakes in some of the stuff that i do,, but for the most part, it just flows, i dont know why,, but maybe i do now,, more then once, i had folks come and tell me what a god sent it was,, ,, the videos took them away from whatever they were dealing with , and made them forget, it help with stress in their life,, little did i know this was happening,, and i believe its by design,, in fact after hearing the last couple from michigan,, i know it is,, i often wonder why am i putting so much time into this,, for me it was a couple of reason, first i enjoy it,, i found great pleasure in teaching by video,, if i didnt like it folks, there would not be over 1200 videos up on youtube,, as i said in the past i have two things i love to do ,, computer and and carving, and was able to put them together,, and yes hopefully it will bring bit of income ,, one person asked are you making a living at it, LOL LOL the answer is NO not right now,, everyone thinks that once your stuff on the internet here come the cash flow,,, not true,, its work, i have now over 45 videos,, i enjoy making them,, and do i sell them ,, sure i do,, do i make a living at it ,, NO I DONT,, its a wonderful past time,, that helps me break even for the most part, most folks that do shows and crafting rarely make a living at it, but a hobby that it pays for itself , its a nice bonus and if it cover the cost for my table at the show,, gas, then i consider myself doing well, a lot like farming,, if only your expenses were paid you were doing well, many of us do it for the love of woodcarving ,, nothing else,,,,,,, would i stop at this point cause i not making a living at it NO WAY ,,,,, its beyond the money,, its hearing and seeing folks that not only enjoy learning the craft but finding a bit of peace from the world that can be so cruel at times,, that allows them to sit if just for an hour or two from time to time to get away from the worries of today, i remember often in my own life how many times i got up when i couldnt sleep cause of the worries of the farm,, those at times were so difficult to make a true living at it,, with loans having to be repaid, animals not doing well , the weather making it tough,, and just having to go to work when you know there is no income coming from all your work, and at times paying out more money to stay in farming,,,, wondering how long can i survive this and unlike having a job that you you work for someone else and can quit ,, animals still had to be fed, you still had to get up and take care of chores, so carving took me away from that for a while,, it was an escape i cant explain, and many of you are finding it as well , and folks, there is no amount of money value you can put on that,, to me that is by gods design,, nothing more, and to give the credit to him for it.. happy peaceful carving to you all, arleen

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