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Saturday, December 10, 2011

days are passing by and christmas will soon be here and new ideas ?

hi folks,, i know time is passing quickly,, i have one more project for christmas that i would like to do,, not sure yet if i can fit it in,, mean while i am carving a couple of the cats with the santa hat, seem to be a hit with many,,, i will have a couple up for sale in a day or two,, not sure if i will do it here on the blog or on ebay,, have not decided yet which way to go.
well i am always thinking of new projects not only with carving but also some things i like to build,, the solar furnace that i did a couple of years ago , had a great deal of planning,, but i glad now that it was completed,, and enjoying the heat it provides,, and i also enjoy making something no one else has done yet,, or at least few people tried to make, so it makes it more fun when you feel your the first to come up with an idea,, it has to do with a mini studio, and craft shows, iam getting tired of the ez up tent and want something a bit more solid,, i will be sure to take plenty of videos of this new venture, i am sure some of you will want one too,
i often wondered where i come up with these ideas,, i guess i can thank my dad for that,, he always was trying something new for the first time at the farm,, weather it was the auto bucket washer, or auto feeding system,, now mind you the farm you had always new ideas how to improve things or make it easier,, so i guess i have some of that,, my dad enjoyed the simple things in life, but also ventured in new ideas to improve stuff, it made him happy to see ideas come to life,
so as i continue to press forward to this new idea,, who knows i might start a trend ,, wouldnt that be just the neatest thing to do, keep carving folks, i sure will , arleen

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